• 04/23/14 - Tax Alpha: A guide for US citizens living & investing in Canada. Click here to watch Dale Durand’s latest video.
  • 04/17/14 - Pref Update: Our thoughts on the Quarterly Pref ETF review: Click Here 
  • 04/14/14 - Pref Update: New BMO Issue Sparks Interest. To read our view on it, click here
  • 04/11/14 - NexGen Financial Limited Partnership Announces Fund Mergers. Click here to read.
  • 04/07/14 - Pref Update: Three banks announced redemptions. Will new issuance increase in upcoming weeks? Click here for our view
  • 03/13/14 - Greater Expectations. Click Here to read Jeff Young's latest written commentary.
  • 03/12/14 - In stormy weather, investors take shelter. Click Here to read Jeff Herold's latest written commentary.
  • 03/12/14 - Steady demand moves prices. Click Here to read Jeff Herold's new Preferred Share commentary.
  • 03/12/14 - The Driving Power of Gold. Click Here to read John Zechner's latest written commentary.
  • 03/11/14 - The Value of an Olympic Gold. Click here to read Donald Nesbitt and Mikhail Alkhazov's written commentary.
  • 03/10/14 - Pref Update - Redemptions, Redemptions, Redemptions: What's your plan for them? Click here for our view
  • 03/06/14 - Pref Update: A little surprise on Brookfield preferred shares - Click here
  • 03/04/14 - Pref Update: Our thoughts on CIBC and other anticipated preferred share redemptions - Click here
  • 02/18/14 - Pref Update: Thoughts on the new Manulife preferred share issue - To read about Jeff Herold's view, click here.


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